Fermentation and harvest going well (and even time for a bike ride)

negroamaro grapes ripening

A note on the harvest from grape grower and winemaker Gianni Cantele:

Today we’ll begin picking the Chardonnay again from most of the vineyards, including the second part of the grapes that will be used for the Teresa Manara.

Yesterday morning the musts were fermenting at the right temperature (15° C.). The saccharimeter confirmed that fermentation is going well and it took just one pumpover to finish the day’s work.

This unexpected abundance of free time posed a dilemma: a day at the beach with the family or a visit to the vineyards to check up on the vineyards that will be picked over the next few days?

The second option… I know, I know… I’m a schmuck. No need to remind me! But my wife Gabriella was already one step ahead of me.

After driving a few kilometers, I took a long walk through the rows as I imagined the wine that these grapes will give me.

I also checked on the analysis of samples form the vineyards.

And then, it was time for the indefatigable winemaker to have a bite to eat (mom’s parmigiana was worth waiting for) and a well deserved nap.

But Sunday isn’t Sunday without a ride on my mountain bike.

madonna dell alto puglia church

My regular riding partners Pierfrancesco Grima and Fabio Brazo Tamborrino stood me up. So I took the opportunity to take a ride through [the townships of] Guagnano, Campi Salentina, and Squinzano.

I went up and down through the village of Sant’Elia and its vineyards, olive groves, and what remains of the ancient forest of holm oaks there. In another era, those trees covered the entire region.

I stopped at the little church of the Madonna dell’Alto (twelfth century), a monument that, unfortunately, isn’t well maintained.

ripe figs puglia

Then I took a look at the Negroamaro grapes (above, top), which are ripening, and the figs, which are also ripening.

As with all summer excursions, there is no outing without a flat tire. But I had no desire to change it so I just took an easy ride back to the winery where I arrived safe and sound.

I checked the saccharimeter again, had a dinner of cheese risotto, had a look at Facebook, and then went to bed. Today will be a long day and it began at dawn.

I have the best job in the world!

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