Harvest in Puglia has begun! A note from winemaker Gianni Cantele

best chardonnay italy

Above: Chardonnay, ready to be picked, from Cantele’s top vineyard, destined to become the winery’s flagship white, Teresa Manara Chardonnay, dedicated to winemaker Gianni’s grandmother.

The first day of the 2013 harvest has been entered into the logs without any problems.

The elves who work the crushers and presses (which haven’t been fired up for a year now) didn’t play any of their usual pranks and it’s all running smoothly.

Yesterday’s work in the cellar was the classic general trial run: it helps the winemaker to peel off that inevitable patina of rust and to find the right pace and rhythm that can be taught by the harvest. You love it, you hate it, and then you love it once again.

Today we have begun working in earnest.

When I got up this morning, I thought of my grandmother, Teresa Manara, and of my many memories of her. They make me return to childhood.

And I thought of my father Augusto, who taught me everything I know. He has entrusted me with the task of continuing to create the wine dedicated to his beloved mother Teresa Manara.

Gianni Cantele

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