Odd Bacchus on Cantele “Summer Wines from the Heel of the Boot”

odd bacchus wine blog

Especially after it was named one of the “five blogs I click with” by Wall Street Journal wine editor Lettie Teague, Rob Frisch’s excellent wine blog Odd Bacchus has rapidly risen to the top of nearly every one’s blog roll.

So we were thrilled, of course, to see his tasting notes and reviews of three Cantele wines last week.

As Rob explains on his blog, the inspiration for “Odd Bacchus” — devoted to rare and obscure grape varieties — was inspired in part by a piece written by Lettie, “The Unique Charms of Miscellaneous Wines.”

“I find oddball wines and spirits thoroughly fascinating,” he writes, “but I suspect that if I were fermenting in vats of cash, I would be drinking far more famous Burgundies and Bordeauxs than Moschofileros and Macabeos.”

We love how he weaves historical and cultural background into his tasting notes, giving the reader context, and making his writing approachable even to those new to the fine wine world.

At the same time, the caliber of the wine writing is such that his work also can appeal to wine professionals — like us.

Check out his post here.

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