Cantele red wines: vinification notes


Red Wine Production at Cantele

The grapes are de-stemmed and pressed. They are then cooled to around 15° C. using a heat exchanger (just as for the whites). The pressed grapes are then transferred to fermentation vats where fermentation and maceration begins.

Fermentation takes place between 20° and 26° C. using fermentation tanks with tank wrap heat exchangers that regulate the temperature. This preserves the aromas and classic flavors of the grape variety. Alcoholic fermentation lasts about 5-6 days. And maceration time is based on the type of wine we wish to obtain.

For the entry-tier wines, maceration lasts 6-7 days. 15-20 days for the more important wines.

Once maceration is complete, the liquid is racked to separate it from the skins that end up in the press. As for the white wines, there is a first pressing from which we obtain the top wines and then a second pressing.

The red wine is then transferred to tank in our underground cellar where it will undergo malolactic fermentation and then barrique aging.

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