Cantele Primitivo featured by Master Sommlier Brett Zimmerman at Boulder Wine Merchant

Here’s what Master Sommelier, Brett Zimmerman, owner of Boulder Wine Merchant, one of the leading wine retailers in the U.S., had to say about Cantele Primitivo…

Primitivo Zinfandel puglia

People are looking for everyday value when it comes to wines, and it really doesn’t get any better than the price to quality ratio of Cantele. A truly great example of a “family operated” winery, this family owns 50 hectare in Puglia and contracts another 150 to make wine at two different facilities. Situated in Puglia, on the Adriatic coast and far south of Italy’s more famous regions, the wines produced here offer a soft, supple texture, with full ripeness and fruit development. Primitivo has found tremendous success in this area and proves to be one of the “workhorse” wines of the region. The more prestigious Salice Salentino is perhaps better known, but for the sake of this newsletter we have chosen the raw simplicity of this delicious Primitivo. Loads of wild berries, dark cherry, fresh sage, and a sappy, mouthwatering freshness that keeps you wanting another taste.

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Fanòi, the fact sheet and Vinitaly coordinates

best puglia wine vinitaly

Cantele will be debuting its new wine Fanòi at Vinitaly this year (Pad 11, stand E2).

Salento IGT Primitivo

In 1993, when I worked my first vintage as my father Augusto’s apprentice, I began to know and love this wonderful grape variety. Since that time, I have been able understand yet another piece of its enormous potential with every vintage. Its soul is powerful and unmitigated. And each year, my ambition to give it the elegance of world’s great wines has grown.

—Gianni Cantele, winemaker

VINTAGE: 2010.
PRODUCTION AREA: Sava (Taranto).
VINE TRAINING: Alberello Pugliese (traditional Pugliese head-trained vines).
HARVEST PERIOD: first week of September.
VINIFICATION: fermentation at 24° C.; 12 days of maceration with daily délestage during the first 4 days; malolactic fermentation in barriques.
AGING: 14 months in new and second-year barriques; minimum 12 months in bottle.

A shout-out from leading Italian wine expert Michael Horne

It’s always great to see mentions of the wines in social media. But it’s especially rewarding when the tweeter one of the leading authorities on Italian wine in the U.S. today.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday when Michael Horne, founder of Dall’Uva, happened to order a glass of Cantele Salice Salentino at one of San Francisco’s hottest Italian restaurants, Cotogna.

We’ve written about Michael before. And his site was recently included by Alfonso Cevola “the Italian wine guy” in his round-up of top English-language online resources for Italian wine.

Thanks again, Michael! You really made our day! See you at Vinitaly…

Fanòi, the new Primitivo is here (and scenes from ProWein)

fanoi primitivo cantele

Cantele’s new Primitivo Fanòi is finally here.

Fanòi, voice of fire, the living frontier of a winter that dissolves nighttime into the Mediterranean spring. As if in a dream, life comes together in a fireside tale that begins anew and completes its circle. The mystery of time and the limbo of memory brush up against one another in those flames, the fires of antiquity that once revealed the naked, mystical, sensual soul of the land.

It’s named after the bonfires — the fanòi (falò in contemporary Italian) — that used to dot the Pugliese peninsula in celebration of spring’s arrival in antiquity.

The Canteles have been pouring the wine for the first time at the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf, currently underway.

And they will be pouring it in a few weeks at Vinitaly in Verona.

It’s still not clear whether or not the wine — a small-production, high-end expression of Primitivo — will make it to the U.S. this year.

But I’ll be sure to taste it with the Canteles at the fair and will post my notes here.

In the meantime, the image below comes from Paolo’s Facebook. He, brother Gianni, and cousin Umberto have been working the trenches at the fair in Düsseldorf… another day in the lives of a Pugliese winemaking family.

best italian wine trade fair

Cantele at Riffs in Boulder, Colorado: America’s new food mecca

fried chicken biscuit boulder colorado

Above: the Chicken Biscuit at Riffs in Boulder “borders on the legendary” (image via the Riffs Facebook).

When you think of America’s great culinary destinations, the first cities that come to mind, of course, are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

But as food and wine appreciation continues to grow in our country, more and more cities between the two coasts are beginning to compete with our nation’s major urban areas for the title of “best place to eat in America.”

One of those cities is Boulder, Colorado, where there has been an explosion of fantastic dining — both fine dining and casual — over the last decade.

We were thrilled to learn that Cantele Salento Primitivo is being served by the glass at Riffs Urban Fair in the heart of downtown.

It’s one of those restaurants were a passion for locally sourced ingredients is balanced by the wholesomeness and sheer fun of the dishes.

Our kind of place. And we can’t think of a better pairing for our Primitivo than a good ol’ American Chicken Biscuit (like the one we nabbed from their Facebook this afternoon).

Riffs Urban Fair
1115 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 440-6699
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